Redragon M801 Mammoth Gaming Mouse

Redragon M801 Mammoth 16400 DPI Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Redragon is renowned for getting good cheap gaming mouses. However, what goes on whenever we begin climbing or growing our budget? Does Redragon still provide a better product than other company’s inside the cost range?

Today we’ve the Redragon M801 Mammoth review. A gaming mouse that’s very appealing and appears like it features a lot to provide. Or does is? What about we have a look! With this lets arrive at the review!

Ergonomic Design

Redragon leads us a really comfortable design. A button is available in red and black with extra rests on sides of your mouse. Even though many think this might turn to large for the hands a button really fits nice snug and a few of the bulkiness is perfect for enhanced comfort individuals fingers.

Speaking about comfortable finger rests, lets enter into them. To begin with the left side of your mouse. This is when we rest our thumb or perhaps in my situation press it from the mouse for many more grip. The Mammoth includes a little indented rest underneath the three buttons around the mouse. This really is pretty comfortable along with a great place to relax your thumb if needed. Now onto my own important place the best side of your mouse.

I check this out as vital because after i am playing FPS games for example CSGO. I want there to become a comfortable area my fingers unused could be. Normal mouses they simply could be awkward and causes it to be harder that i can enter focus. With this being stated this is when this mouse excels.

Much like Razer they’ve make use of a tiered type fall off. Your fourth finger rest on the bump inside the mouse and your pinky, much like your thumb is facing a button. It provides you with the opportunity to keep the mouse together with your entire hands.

Weight Tuning , Programmable Buttons, & Light

Redragon provides you with a really awesome feature using the Mammoth, and that’s weight tuning. As observed in the image you’re given 8 2.4 gram weights that suit into the foot of a button. This enables for just about any preference of weight for use. Personally, i like middle weight mouses, however i don’t have to worry because any weight is supported.

For those who have didn’t have a gaming mouse this is an excellent feature to possess also, as you have not established what sort of weight you want and you’ll be able to explore with a lot of options. This can be a feature that newbies need to look for.

The Mammoth also includes 9 programmable buttons and 5 memory profiles that their very own dedicated light color for identification. The package includes a instructions and also the drives CD where you can edit the sunlight of your mouse. The lights could be fully edited providing you with 16.8 million color combo’s.

16400 DPI Sensor

The sensor of your mouse is exactly what counts. The Mammoth provides you with a 16400 Dots per inch sensor for 12000 FPS with 1000 hz polling rate and 30 g acceleration. At the base of your mouse is durable TEFLON ft pads.

These pads permit precision movement using the powerful sensor. The Red button on the top of your mouse may be the Dots per inch switcher. The Dots per inch settings are 1000, 2000, 4000, 8200, and 16400. Although this is nice Personally i think they might have pin pointed better Dots per inch settings. It’s crazy to consider someone having fun with 16400 Dots per inch.

Overall a button provides you with a really precise gaming experience and doesn’t lack much. For that cost range this mouse sits in just couple of things might be were not impressed with!

Cost vs What You Get

Design-Redragon has a tendency to design a number of their mouses exactly the same. It features a pretty common design through the marketplace which isn’t bad nor good. I provide the design a 8/10 since the button places are very odd. The red button which switches Dots per inch appears type of simple to accidentally hit in intense occasions. The 3 side buttons will also be type of odd to achieve, at least for me personally.

Comfort/Mouse Control- I rate this 9/10. A button controls perfectly and it has the load feature that’s awesome. The ergonomic design combined with the TEFLON pads provides you with excellent mouse control leaving you pretty content and pleased with the way it controls.

Features- The Mammoth provides you with a substantial amount of features because of its cost range and due to i rate this 9/10. Why did I not provide the entire 10/10? I have faith that there are several area’s for example better Dots per inch settings. Overall the Mammoth is stacked with features. Rating 9/10

Looks- I rate this 10/10. My personal favorite color combo is black and red. The general design looks wicked such as the sick emblem! Having the ability to alter the Brought color’s it truly increases the looks also. This mouse doesn’t look cheap which once more makes you need to display it in public! Due to these reasons In my opinion it deserves the rating.

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