Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime

Best Gaming Mouse Logitech G302 Daedalus Prime review

Peripheral manufacturers must believe that all gamers want costly rodents, chock-filled with flashy, but unnecessary features. They do not. Sure, what gamers want inside a mouse frequently deviates in the fundamental two-button mouse packed along with your personal computer, although not frequently by much.

Logitech required a lengthy, hard consider the peripheral scene, did their homework and found market using the G302 Daedalus Prime. This is an impressive gaming mouse, more particularly, a MOBA gaming mouse, but you’d never guess it. Maybe that is because its impressive feature-set is disguised in the stunning, consumer-friendly body, or possibly it is because the G302 is simply so affordable at 50 dollars.

With feedback from professional MOBA (multi-player online fight arena) players, a proper genre of gaming where hrs upon hrs of relentless clicking is needed, Logitech has created a mouse that isn’t only fine-tuned for marathon MOBA games in to the night and short-session twitch game play, it is surely a useful option for laptop computer community in particular because of its simplicity of use, comfort and affordability.


If your computer peripheral looks difficult to use, it most likely is. Most products created using gamers in your mind sport a daunting variety of buttons and sharp edges, but Logitech went inside a direction less traveled, making the G302 superbly simple around the eyes and cozy within the hands with inviting curves.

About this right-handed only mouse, you will find six customizable buttons, three which are standard buttons you’re most likely accustomed to, the left/right click and also the scroll button. On top of a button is really a Dots per inch (dpi) adjustment button. It enables for on-the-fly tweaks towards the mouse’s tracking speed. To complete the offering, two customizable buttons quietly permit thumb presses. It’s delightfully plain.

An elegant mixture of glossy and matte black plastics cover the G302. The excellence backward and forward is subtle, yet purposeful. Matte plastic is within spot for non-slip usability during intense matches, and it is subdued appearance enables the gloss to consider center stage. These glossy sections are restricted to the G302’s boldest statement. Round the palm rest, blue light emanates with the grille, lightly pulsating a awesome effect to the work surface.

The G302 weighs approximately 3 ounces even though my estimation is unquestionably subjective, its feels lighter of computer seems to become, but hefty enough not to seem like a hollow toy sliding around within my hands. For that cheap cost of entry, it’s generously stocked with nice design touches that gamers as well as general users that aren’t so picky will appreciate. A button cradles fingers nicely, whether or not your grip is light, or maybe it’s tight together with your hands engulfing the entire mouse.

Looks are only able to go to date with regards to tech, particularly when it’s engineered to do as much as spec of the very most rigorous computing activities. Fortunately, the G302 isn’t any slouch.


I’ll be honest, I am not really a hardcore MOBA player, therefore the daily allotment of clicks the G302 will get on my small desk is not within the thousands, however the hundreds. I actually do, however, play games that need an identical degree of pinpoint precision in movement and click on speed and precision. With games like Hotline Miami, Team Fortress 2 and Gunpoint, the G302 performed favorably.

With tips developing high from the legion of MOBA professionals throughout the G302’s creation, Logitech created a mouse this is a pleasure to make use of in-game and through normal computing tasks. Around the technical side, it’s able to an astonishing 20 million clicks and may cover a distance of 250 kilometers precisely using its 32-bit ARM micro-processor before it tracks its last movement.

To ground individuals figures the truth is, a button buttons click fast and simply because of the metal spring tension system, which claims with an astonishing 1 nanosecond response time. That lots of clicks will indeed last a lengthy time, whether you are a DOTA player or otherwise.

There have been several occasions which i didn’t remember I had been utilizing a MOBA gaming mouse. This is actually the finest compliment I’m able to share with the G302. What it really lacks inside a good name (Daedalus Prime), it can make up for with distinct style, comfort.

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