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Crucial Ballistix Tactical

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Review – 16 GB High Performance DDR3 PC RAM

After reviewing several quad-funnel 16 GB DDR3 kits, we’re switching some misconception and reviewing a 16 GB dual funnel package from Crucial – the Ballistix Tactical Dual Funnel Package. If you’re on the dual funnel platform, there actually is no need to choose two modules over four – the performance would be the same regardless. Exactly what a dual funnel package such as this does is keep the potential of upgrades open, and possibly keep temperatures lower.

Crucial’s Ballistix Tactical modules sit in the center of their performance selection of desktop memory products. It lacks features like integrated temperature monitors and Brought lights. Most considerably for me personally, it lacks the large heatsinks that provide little value apart from looks, and may frequently obstruct of bigger heatsinks such as the Noctua NH-D14 or Phanteks PH-TC14PE.

Although it isn’t a ‘high end’ package, the specs are solid. This package runs at DDR3-1600, and it has low latency timings of 8-8-8-24 having a low current of just one.5v. We’ll discover later if there’s any room left for overclocking.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical – Packaging

Crucial have considerably improved their packaging because we first began reviewing their DDR3 modules. Gone are individuals annoying blister packs you need to cut around with a decent set of scissors.

Rather, they will use ‘crush rivet’ packaging, that is easier than scissors obviously, although not really resealable. I’d have preferred snaps to permit resealing, however this is preferable to it absolutely was.

As you can tell, the vibrant yellow modules stick out superbly on the matte black model board, the Gigabyte Z68XP-UD4. Actually, you can develop a theme for this, having a matching situation (like the NZXT Phantom 410 Gunmetal) and CPU cooler just like a black Phanteks cooler. That might be drool-worthy!

On top of that, the heatsinks are totally taken care of associated with a CPU cooler I’m able to consider. If these dimms are extremely tall to support a cooler, blame the cooler within this situation, and not the modules.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Overclocking

Having a rated speed of 1600 MT/s and occasional latencies with low current, the Ballistix Tactical appears enjoy it should fit overclocking. What we should normally do is bring the current as much as 1.65v if it is not there already (this is because high as you’ll wish to bring your Apple CPU under normal daily use) and find out when we can enhance the frequency and/or latency speeds.

Latency Overclocking

The Ballistix Elite has already been set to eight-8-8-24, so that you can most likely reckon that any lower could be an excessive amount of to inquire about. That’s the situation here, as CAS 7 wouldn’t boot under any circumstance, despite greater voltages. That’s fine – these timings are extremely tight to start with.

Frequency Overclocking

We’ve really had little success with overclocking Crucial memory previously. However with this package, we could get it running at 1866 MHz with slightly loosened timings of 8-9-8-26, using the current at 1.5v. Pretty good! They’d not go any greater than this, however. Bear in mind that overclocking results will invariably vary, which is not really a be certain that the following package will attain the same results.

Crucial Ballistix Tactical Performance

To obtain an summary of how memory modules perform as opposed to one another, we attempt to operate these questions ‘best situation scenario’. This can ‘exaggerate’ performance variations a little, but when there’s any performance found, this is when we’ll think it is. We use SiSoft Sandra to look for the maximum bandwidth and latency of every package, and set it via a PCMark 7 test, running on the Core i7 Extreme 3960X system. The second test can give us an idea of methods the kits perform differently inside a more real life scenario, since PCMark 7 uses actual programs that people use every single day.

Within this situation, we’ll simply match it up package towards the Crucial Ballistix Elite we reviewed some time back. Both kits were set up in dual funnel mode, concerning could be no reason in evaluating dual funnel to quad funnel within this review.


This really is most likely among the less exciting reviews we’ve printed shortly, but somewhat, that’s a great factor. What you’ll get using the Crucial Ballistix Tactical is what you’d expect. Solid performance, excellent warranty, nice searching units which are taken care of associated with a heatsinks you might like to install in your CPU. There aren’t any bells, no whistles, just solid performance. I would suggest the important Ballistix Tactical when the cost fits your needs.

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PNY Anarchy X 16GB DDR4 2800 MHz

PNY Anarchy X 16GB DDR4 2800 MHz Memory Review

DDR3 memory isn’t the latest standard, however it appears is the leading mainstream standard for cost and gratifaction. DDR3 can continue to achieve speeds for their DDR 4 counterparts, which particular package I am reviewing is rated for 2800MHz. High bandwidth memory, capacity, and latency can certainly show enhancements when selecting RAM for the system. Greater rated memory is important for overclocking, in addition to timings.

These kits could be more costly, but really worth your time and effort with regards to selecting the best parts for the computer. The truly amazing factor about DDR3 is it’s still being produced, DDR4 may be the latest standard, but is constantly on the push lower prices for DDR3. This will make DDR3 an ideal option for people searching to construct an incredible gaming PC on a tight budget. PNY has had towards the extreme using its Anarchy series. It uses top-tier components for aggressive timings and occasional latency. The PNY XLR8 series has stylish heat spreaders that stick out in almost any high-finish computer. Lets check out the best way to dominate within the heat of fight, and appear fierce while doing the work.

The specifications are as follows:

PC Type/Memory Type Desktop DDR3
Capacity 16GB (4x4GB)
Channel Type Quad Channel Kit
Frequency Speed (JEDEC) 2800MHz (PC3-22400)
CAS Latency CL12
Voltage 1.65V
XMP Support* Yes
Speed Compatibility 2800MHz, 2666MHz, 2400MHz
OS Compatibility Windows 10 and older


The PNY XLR8 16GB package was packaged pretty standard. The leading showcases the awesome searching heat spreaders the memory has.

The memory was packaged well inside, and every card features its own anti static bag. It could have been nice to possess some documentation, but no information was incorporated about installing the memory or how you can set the XMP profiles. This can be a relatively simple task, however, many people may be a new comer to installing memory, and also have to appear online for further help. This is a link if anybody want more details about installing DDR3 memory.

The memory modules look great, and extremely possess a smartly designed heat spreader. You’ll find when i always say, the red/dark colored plan will truly fit most high-finish component manufacturers designs. Most board partners make use of the red/black plan since it is among the most widely used colors to market.


PNY along with other manufacturers make use of the word extreme for any reason. Many people when creating a computer look for the very best hardware to find the best cost. For more than 3 decades PNY has manufactured and tested memory rigorously.

The Anarchy X kit I’m testing is:

  •  16GB (4x 4GB sticks) of DDR3
  • CL timing of 12
  • 2800MHz of speed
  • 1.65V of power.

PNY uses premium components and choose IC’s (Integrated Circuits). This package has aggressive speeds, low latency, and bullet-proof reliability. This will lead to extreme overclocking, and top-notch performance. Overclocking, and setting speeds is created simpler with Apple XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) technology. PNY Anarchy X modules offer the latest XMP 2. standard. This aggressive Anarchy X memory package offers DDR3 2800MHz performance, high bandwidth, low power consumption, and advanced thermal performance for stability. All of this is maintained by a no hassle lifetime warranty.


I wish to explain a couple of problems I came across while testing this memory package. While XMP 2. is supported, The default value selected was 2133MHz, having a current of just one.6v. This may be easily fixed by by hand entering within the 28 multiplier to offer the 2800MHz, however it wasn’t automatic.

I set my multiplier to twenty-eight, current to at least one.65, after which my timing to 12-14-14-35. I needed to search for that actual timings with this particular set. They aren’t on the box, which is if this could have been nice to possess some type of the entire timings listed. I found the entire timings for auction on PNY’s website only at that link.

The test bench used for testing is as follows:

  • Motherboard- Z87x-UD3H
  • CPU: Intel Core I7 4790K
  • Network Card- Netgear AC 1200 USB
  • Cooler- H100i GTX V2
  • Memory- Anarchy X 16GB DDR3 2800MHz Desktop Memory vs KLevv Urbane 16GB DDR3 2800MHz
  • Video Card: EVGA NVidia Geforce GTX 970
  • Storage- PNY CS2210 480GB
  • Power Supply- Corsair TX750m
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Pro
  • Headphones- HyperX Cloud II

I frequently get questions regarding understanding why DRAM runs different across platforms, between similar sets, and the way to run at full specifications. I will be keeping things easy with regards to ram testing. My methodology will contain evaluating similar kits to one another to determine how one package might stick out in the next. My primary benchmark will contain testing with AIDA64 Extreme. AIDA64 does a fantastic job at testing memory bandwidth to the full potential. You can observe over the memory speeds were set towards the proper frequency and timings for an additional tests. I ensured both memory kits had exactly the same settings for every test.

I ran the memory benchmark for every package, and located the outcomes are surprising for memory with a rating of exactly the same speeds. This PNY package is quicker with a small margin, but does move forward.

For some time now RAM speed was called getting minimal performance gains in gaming, however in recent games it’s designed a difference. Fallout 4 for instance does take advantage of faster memory. Read much more about that here. Bethesda does appear to become creating a trend with this particular. I experienced similar advantages of Disaster while getting faster memory. SNAPMAP ran considerably better with this particular kits speed when compared with my older 1866MHz RAM. I observed games which have mods like Skyrim, and Fallout 4 take advantage of faster ram because of all of the extra content being loaded in to the game.


Some negative things about this memory:

  • NO installation manual or documentation
  • Full timings not listed on box
  • XMP profile wasn’t automatic for best settings

This package overall is actually fantastic DDR3 memory. The PNY Anarchy X performance memory was created very well. It’s massive heat spreaders for both looks, and reliability. The red/dark colored plan will fit most builds, and offers efficient cooling for overclocking your RAM. The 2800MHz speeds are things i loved probably the most relating to this package. This appears to become really near to the top-tier of bandwidth for DDR3 memory kits. I believe there’s a couple of which go greater, however with DDR4 to be the current standard , its difficult to warrant anything faster with current prices. The 2800MHz speeds appear to become in a great cost point for enjoying faster RAM. I recommend this package and you may purchase it now from PNY for $220.