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Indeed, Joel, I did have a coconspirator …

in bringing down Jim TWest.  We’ll just call him my “Pennsylvania correspondent” to preserve his anonymity.  He, in fact, provided an important piece in the puzzle when equating Jim’s posts to tweets:

“But in making a parenthetical comment about the usefulness of twitter for sharing useful articles and information between colleagues it occurred to me that many of Jim’s posts likely fall within the 140 character limit and often function in the same manner as twitter.”

This allowed us to demonstrate Jim’s duplicity by tweeting Jim’s blog response from his own blog.  It was very shortly after that Jim began to cave under the pressure …

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Jim’s new nickname …

Jim TWest … (UPDATE: You may also use TWestie)


Sorry, Jim but a nickname is not something you can choose.  It chooses you … like when you’re the only curly headed kid in your class and everyone calls you “perm” … not that I’d know anything about that.

In honor of Jim’s new nickname, everyone please consider updating your blogroll (if Jim’s on there).  You’ll not get away from Twitter so easily my friend.  Now, it will follow you around forever …

Oh yeah, and by the way, if you’re not already doing so, please  FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER.

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Boooooooooo ….. Jim West …. Booooooooooo

Jim has now ruined my fun.  He has now removed my ability to Tweet from his blog.  But, rest assured that it is because of the bold investigative reporting done here that Jim removed this.  I still don’t trust him.  I think he would have kept the Tweet button as long as it was expedient for him (i.e. got him more page views). I mean think about it … if he really hated Twitter that much he would have never had the button in the first place …

But, now it’s not expedient because everyone has been alerted by my expert analysis as to his total depravity.  Very politician-like Jim … very politician-like …

And, remember: You heard it here first.

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Tweet straight from Jim West’s blog

Update: Jim has ruined our fun

I already wrote about this over the weekend, but now I’m just having too much fun with it.  Jim wrote another anti-twitter post this morning.  So, I went over and tweeted his post directly from his own blog.  I think it would be extraordinarily funny for everyone to go over and tweet the post to see how many tweets we could get for Jim’s anti-twitter blog post directly from his own blog.  In fact, Twitter is so seamlessly integrated into Jim’s blog that you don’t even have to tweet his post.  You can click Tweet then erase the URL and post title and just do all of your regular tweets straight from Zwinglius Redivivus.


Okay.  Maybe my sense of humor isn’t the greatest … Or, maybe it’s the lack of sleep … Or, maybe it really is that funny …

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Giving the Bible Commentwary Another Shot

A good while back, when I first started using Twitter, I had the idea to start a Bible Commentwary.  The basic gist of the idea was that I would choose a verse or passage for a given day (probably not daily as I at first thought) and people would need to comment in 140 characters or less.  The comments could be academic, devotional, antagonistic, … whatever.  I thought this would be an interesting experiment to see what people at the popular level were saying about the Bible.  I even thought it could be a fun and useful teaching tool in a university classroom.  Being very concise statements, a professor could use these short statements to give their classes an idea of what people with a variety of different backgrounds thought particular texts were about without expansive amounts of reading.

At any rate, I’d like to give the Bible Commentwary another shot.  It failed the first go round, but I think I have a lot more people interested in Biblical Studies following me on Twitter now. Of course, I could be wrong and this could be a stupid idea.  But, you can rest assured it is not nearly the stupidest I’ve ever had.

So, here are some of the basic details.  I will post a text on Twitter.  Users can @ reply their comments.  I will give a day or two for comments to come in.  And then, I’ll post the results here on my blog.  I’ve already compiled a list of abbreviations:

G = God
Je = Jesus
A = Abraham
M = Moses
Pe = Peter
Pa = Paul
I = Israel
Ju = Judah

Let me know if you can think of any more.  If the Commentwary takes off, I will probably give it its own space somewhere else.  So, here’s step one please comment below if you think you’ll participate at least sometimes.  Step two – Follow Me on Twitter (if you’re not already).

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